Thursday, April 03, 2008

Jodha Akbar 'Banned' in Mangaluru: Stand Up To Oppose

Movies as well as works of literature and art are the products of human creativity and expressions of the spirit of freedom. All freedom loving human beings would see them as such. Every one need not agree with the concepts depicted in such works and any disagreement should provoke only a healthy and academic debate and therein lie the health of the society and strength of the free mind.

Of late, there have been many instances of forcing such creative works out of circulation or in extreme cases, even violence against the creators of such works. This intolerant behaviour smacks of fascism and if allowed to grow, could spell the death knell for freedom of human expression.

The attempts to force out the movie Jodha Akbar from the theaters in Mangalore is an attempt of such fascist forces to probe the conscience of the freedom loving people and should therefore be condemned by one and all in strongest possible terms. If the twenty lakh intelligent people of Dakshina Kannada do not stand up today and oppose these forces rearing their ugly head, tomorrow these handful of freedom haters may dictate us on what to wear, what to read, where to go, what to see and what not to speak. The time to stop them is NOW.

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